Stage 7

Our early works for stage 7 is complete. 
We have moved 6500 cubic metres (350 
truckloads) to fill a new industrial site in 
Hulberts Road.
Tenders have closed for the main construction package and we expect to have a construction team onsite either just before Christmas or in 
You will notice we have provided a large 
hardstand across the road and behind the Vet in Marian place. This will be used as a parking lot for the construction team and site sheds.
Once the job sets well underway we expect up to 100 tradesmen to be on the job at any one time. When you are driving or using the footpath on Marian Place and Sawtell Road please be very mindful of the additional traffic activity which will include numerous heavy and trades vehicles. Please drive slowly and follow the instructions of any of the traffic management team. It is 
important that we all be patient and work together in this very busy time as the safety of yourself and the workers is very important to us all.