How a Combined Effort Achieved a Dream

Six years ago a new resident moved into a unit where the old Marian Grove office used to be. Having no back doors and very little sunlight along this area of the village, the resident immediately began to see a potential for the sadly neglected cabana area to become a bright, sunny, peaceful area for the residents to use. Gradually the raw timber was painted, a roof was attached and the dream began to happen. Then, one kind resident donated some paint, paving paint was supplied and with the willing help of another resident volunteer over three days, it all came together.

Hanging baskets, chairs, cushions and plants were donated and thanks to a wonderful effort by many people, the dream was achieved.

Bernie made and installed the name board, and there you have the story of how Marian Corner came into being. Marian Corner ͟has become a preferred site for group gatherings, and what a joy it is for residents to simply sit in the sun, read, eat lunch or just have a friendly chat.

But it would not have been possible without the generous help of many hands. Some of them gathered together for a little celebration and thank you on Monday August 20th.

Contributed by Elizabeth Hawken.