Happy Birthday Nora: It’s a sentence not many have the chance to say but Nora Wells stated “I’m quite enjoying being 100,” on July 2 at her birthday gathering in Marta Christi, surrounded by family and friends. Nora was born in England and arrived in Western Australia with her family as a child. A proud servicewoman, Nora met future husband Samuel while in the air force. The two shared a love of golfing and in 1979 Nora joined Sawtell Golf Club, where she was an active participant for more than 30 years and a member of the “hole in one” club. Nora celebrated turning 100 with a pampering session at the hairdressing salon, followed by a party. “She’s just a lovely, happy person – she’s never been any different,’’ said her niece, who came from WA to be with Nora on her special day.