Under the WH&S Act 2011 and the associated Regulations, SCCA management and staff are obligated to make our workplace as safe as possible. However our workplace is also the home of those for whom we are entrusted to care- our residents. It is vitally important to ensure their home is safe, and our procedures are sound.
On Tuesday 16th October between 1900hrs and 2030hrs an evacuation drill of House 2 took place.
This drill tested our knowledge, our systems, our readiness and our capabilities along with the skills and expertise of the Fire & Rescue NSW personnel from the local brigade – Toormina/Sawtell.
With staff and resident volunteers working together on the night, we gained invaluable experience.

We learned and shared unique knowledge from the exercise which will allow us to build a safer environment in which Mater Christi residents live.
Thanks to all who participated, you have really made a contribution to your community!
Peter Baldwin RN.