The theme for February 2019 NSW Seniors Festival is “Love Your Life”.
Our SCCA community can relate to this.
We are fortunate to live in a beautiful setting where a richly diverse mixture of individuals contributes to a lifestyle that enhances wellbeing and positivity, each in their own way, living “We Care” every day.

An example of the creativity and enthusiasm for community projects of our residents is the short film “Every Wednesday”. In 2018, Lachlan Payne, the grandson of village residents Bob and June was inspired by a true story to create a short film for his HSC Major Drama project.
After months of working on character and plot development, and with input from Marian Grove residents, Lachlan came up with a script and sought actors to bring the story to life.

Marian Grove resident John Wright is the main protagonist in the film, but there are many ‘cameos’ and familiar faces.

“The film was nothing like I’ve ever done before” said Lachlan. “I’d made a few short videos, but nothing on this scale. I rented the camera for a week from Sydney, so that was all the time I had to get it done. The residents were great to work with, I just told them the story and to be themselves John was awesome and everyone had fun. I really appreciated their willingness to help me make it happen.” The film received a grade of 100 percent and is one of the top 3 in the state. In addition, it was chosen to be screened during “Onstage” an annual exhibition in Sydney of the most prestigious projects of the year- so our residents will be seen on the big screen by hundreds of appreciative film goers!

Lachlan has recently moved to Brisbane to pursue a Bachelor of Film Degree. If “Every Wednesday” is anything to go by, we’ll be seeing his name in lights in the not too distant future. As for the film, it will be screened at the next Village Luncheon, as well as being showcased during our Seniors Week Festival. Finally, it will be shown at the Village Concert on Saturday 23rd February during Harrison’s Variety Show Concert from 1.30 to 4pm. The cost is $3.00 including afternoon tea and a lucky door prize. Ring the office to book a ride on Herbie before 4pm Friday 22nd Feb on 66531241.

To see more of Lachlan’s work you can visit his website