His birth certificate might say he’s 84 but for John Mc Mahon that’s just a piece of paper. At the age of 60, John took up painting. “Irene bought me a paint by numbers kit and I enjoyed it so much I just kept going” he says. At the age of 63 John completed his HSC and followed this with a Bachelor of Arts in History. He then put pen to paper and completed his life story “A Roof Over My Head”. John is currently working on getting this manuscript published. In the meantime, he wrote the script for “Trees”- this digital story  which encapsulates his life in a few short paragraphs.

“I was a scallywag ” John laughs when asked about his youth in Melbourne. “But I want people to know that it doesn’t matter where you some from or how old you are you can still make a good life for yourself.” John’s wife of 49 years Irene took photographs of their travels around Australia which John now uses as references for his evocative and beautiful artwork.  Even a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease can’t slow John down. “When I paint, I don’t shake” he says. “It’s amazing. I hope people will realise that growing older  or having to deal with something like Parkinson’s doesn’t have to mean giving up on everything.”